01 December 2020 04:55

LIFE IS A PARADOX: Few succeed, a large section live with it, more than a quarter grumble, criticise and curse their destiny. Then the question arises what the life is meant for. I will say it is meant to live comfortably, happy, be loved and admired. Then how? Many take to one direction, they progress materially or work hard to be known and admired, very few act to be loved. TO BE LOVED needs that one is kind to everyone, does not bother about criticism and/or rebukes, is always mindful of his/her words, action and behaviour.(b) Life is a difficult progress, some believe in destiny and remain contented with it, while there are others who do not believe in destiny, believe in action, in general. they advance and progress in life but it is not necessary that they remain happy and whether they live comfortably is also questionable(c). I THINK AND BELIEVE THAT PLANNING IS MOST IMPORTANT WHICH GUIDES US HOW AND IN WHAT MANNER WE CAN LIVE. If we want to live happily, we need to change our attitude, shun anger in all circumstances, and if we want to live with material gains, then we are to work hard and compete in life. Cursing and criticising one's luck/destiny is not the answer and such persons ruin their life, instead they need to overcome this thinking and take to struggle and reap the results. To live normal life needs how to balance work, personal and family life, the more such persons go into planning and balancing, they more contented they live and quite often live happily. HENCE TO LIVE LIFE needs Planning, Balancing, Attitude and Will to Progress, TO BE IN SOCIETY AND WITH SOCIETY, live and let live etc. etc. comments,