21 August 2019 07:20

MARRIAGE IS ALSO SETTING ANOTHER TREND, which contains in the belief that when everything changes as one feels fed up with the same in routine, whether it is in eating, wear, living in palaces still one likes to go to resorts, see the world around etc. then why to STICK TO ONE MAN OR ONE WOMAN. It is not that this trend is predominant in developed countries, it is so so in developing countries as well. I think primarily status, position and power as it changes, it temps the one in power etc. and the other side feels tempted to enjoy the resultant power, position, reputation, luxuries of the new person tempted to be husband. We have noticed such trends in presidents in france, USA, elsewhere and even live-in arrangement in UK etc. It is said that those in high up positions set the trend, as we see such phenomenon not only in high-ups but also through movies, writers, social media etc. HENCE THAT STAGE WHEN PARENTS USED TO MAKE DECISION FOR THE MARRIAGE OF THE CHILDREN EVEN WHEN THE CHILDREN WERE NOT BORN, REMAINED COMMITED TO MARRY THEIR CHILDREN IF BORN BOY AND GIRL IN RESPECTIVE HOUSES, etc. NOW ON THE CONTRARY, TREND IS SET NEVER TO THINK LIFE-LONG MARRIAGE AND AS SUCH FEEL NO HINDRANCE IN LEAVING ONE AND MOVING TO THE OTHER, IT IS GETTING CURRENT AND IS BEING ACCEPTED BY THE SOCIETY. ...... alas such persons do not realise that HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT LIKE FASHION, CONVENIENCE BUT EACH MOMENT IS A MEMORY, XRAYED ÁND REMAINS EVERLASTING, LEFT IN RESERVE TO BE USED AS AND WHEN NEEDED. Hence changing from one can also be fraught with doubts, unadjustability etc. and perhaps not forgetting the past relationship and happier occasions, despite the fact perhaps the other person abandoned feels deceived, disrespected, exploited etc. These are my views, NONETHELESS THE FACT REMAINS THAT LIFE LONG MARRIAGE IS FADING, even with those who opt to marry.