23 December 2019 10:57

LISTENING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN REPLYING; why so, answer: 1. listening relieves the other person as to how much he/she feels burdened with the idea and is keen to convey at the earliest 2. until properly and fully listened, one can't give a proper reply 3. howsoever one may be busy, it is essential to take time to listen lest it turns into drastic behaviour and action 4. listening needs one to forget his/her problems temporarily and concentrate with full attention to listen 5. listening also requires proper atmosphere, attitude and inclination to listen which means one has necessarily to communicate and explain to the other person when and where he/she could get together to listen 6. the quicker and faster one listens, the lesser is the possibility of the other person to get into anger and feel agitated 7. one needs to prioritise to listening despite one's occupations. 8. in human relations listening is very important, more so as a couple and a family. NOW THE QUESTION ARISES WHY REPLYING IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT. answer. unless one listens patiently and attentively, one will not realise the urgency and gravity of the problem to be answered nor will be able to give proper and satisfactory reply and if proper reply is not given, there is possibility that the reply will drag both into unnecessary discussion which may turn into embitterment and clashes etc. HENCE IT IS ESSENTIAL TO LISTEN CAREFULLY, PATIENTLY, WITH FULL ATTENTION AND IN PROPER ATMOSPHERE IF NOT ALREADY EXISTING, TO CREATE IT , AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, COMMUNICATION AND EXPLANATION TO THE OTHER PARTY, PERSUASION AND IN EXTREME SITUATIONS, TO FREE ONESELF OF ALL ONE'S OBLIGATIONS, AND GET READY TO LISTEN, which is essential to avoid the situation getting into extremes. tks