07 September 2021 01:00

To live alone is a temporary phase, mostly pretended, man is a social animal, cannot remain alone and enjoy the charm of life. HENCE MARRIAGE IS THE BEST INSTITUTION AND AS SUCH IS CATEGORISED THE PIOUS ONE as it strengthens the relationship between two opposite genders is a social acceptance, develops urge to have children to accomplish pride and unfulfilled dreams of the parents themselves to live with, enjoy their company, own responsibilities and struggle for progress. MARRIAGE PROMISES LIFE LONG BONDAGE OF LOVE, PROGRESS AND TO ENJOY LIFE. The moment man shuns ego and woman shuns possessiveness and jealousies marriage promises to last long and as the time passes, bondage strengthens unless the vices as narrated above crop up in the man and the woman. SECRET OF LIFE IS MARRIAGE AND AIM OF MARRIAGE GUIDANCE NEW CONCEPT CONSISTS IN APART FROM ESTABLISHING CONTACTS, TO GUIDE, EXPOSE ADVANTAGES AND DIFFICULTIES FACED IN MARRIED LIFE , MAKE UNDERSTAND AND CONVINCED THAT MARRIAGE IS THE BEST INSTITUTION, HOW TO MAKE IT A LASTING AND HAPPIER ONE IS THE SOLE CHERISHED AIM OF MGNC INSTITUTION. THIS IS MY AIM, GOAL AND MISSION. Pray please join me in my efforts to strengthen this institution of marriage which love the most and struggle for. tks