18 March 2020 06:19

BORN APART, MADE TO LIVE TOGETHER, CREATE FAMILY AND ENJOY HEAVEN ON EARTH AS EXCLUSIVE LOVERS;... important message: I agree with you as it gives time to know each other and their respective compatibility but it has also its flaws. 100% equality does not exist neither in nature nor in human beings including animals.Each one is specified one's sphere, man as a protector and woman as beauty, hence the attraction and co-habitation. Here comes to understand the logic of two opposite genders living together by giving space to each other, understanding each other in full, value the merits of each other, ignore differences and make PEACE as a MOTTO in complete conviction that life needs to opposite genders to confide in each other, talk to each, plan to have family and to fulfill their ambition what is called IT IS MINE. Hence I am pursuing my goal by popularising Marriage Guidance New Concept through publications, interviews and most important by our demonstration as a LOVING COUPLE in real sense TWO IN ONE, BORN FOR EACH OTHER< ENJOYING HEAVEN ON EARTH AS LOVERS. tks vasdevloondLOVE MARRIAGELOVE