03 September 2020 06:57

LONG AWAIT GENERALLY ENDS UP IN LASTING HAPPINESS while easily got gives joy for a while and builds up dreams for the next. LONG AWAIT IS PIVOTED ON A SOLE OBJECT while easily got is a frittered one, comes and goes, noticed and many a time unnoticed as a routine and nothing exceptional to enjoy. LONG AWAIT NEEDS ENDLESS STRUGGLE AND PATIENCE while easily got is quick and insignificant. THEN SHOULD ONE MAKE A CHOICE FOR THE STRUGGLED HAPPINESS OR QUICKLY GOT ONE. I will say it shall depend on the objective, if in love, there are many hurdles, but both love each other and/or one is craving for the other, AWAIT AND LONG AWAIT WILL BE MORE ENJOYABLE THAN THE LOVE GOT QUICKLY, as its value and significance will not be fully appreciated. IF ONE AIMS TO ACHIEVE AND OVERBEAT THE RECORD IN COMPETITION. THEN PATIENCE AND HARD WORK, TO MAKE SUCCESS BIT BY BIT WILL BE THE ANSWER TO REACH THE GOAL and quick success, will lose its charm, may be taken as feite accompli and perhaps will be accompanied with over confidence and high headedness. HENCE OBJECT BECOMES THE SOLE DETERMINING FACTOR TO REALISE AND ENJOY WHAT ONE AIMS AT. tks