30 September 2021 10:11

LOVE ATTRACTS WHILE ANGER DISTRACTS. Emotions create love while disliking takes away. Love attracts while anger distracts. Love at times is visual which covers face and body structure of a person, it is TEMPORARY IN NATURE, while PERMANENT LOVE consists in same thought, same understanding, appreciation of each other, bear patience and tolerance and listen each and decide together, sexual satisfaction too plays primary role in creating, developing and strengthening bondage of live to be for each other whole of life than otherwise despite some differences here and there sometime.LOVE IS TESTED generally in Love Marriage while IN ARRANGED MARRIAGE it is created and developed. Love gets NATURAL for the born children and for RELATIONS through LINKS of relationship of some sort and it continues with those with whom one develops understanding and at times under COMPULSION OF UNAVOIDABLE RELATIONSHIP. Love is also developed for outsiders due to same object and understanding, it may cover friends, colleagues who are considered as guide and well wishers etc. LOVE ALSO IS EXPRESSED IN ONE'S THINKING AND FEELINGS, as one expresses for innocents, poor, helpless, handicapped etc. DEGREE OF LOVE CHANGES ALSO FROM INDIVIDUAL TO INDIVIDUAL BY INBORN RELATIONSHIP, AS ALSO IN CREATED AND DEVELOPED RELATIONSHIP. , tks