24 June 2021 04:16

LOVE AWAITED; Trees and plants await love of rain, howsoever watering we may do, rain makes a difference, it seems, with rain all trees and plants dance in joy to forget the onslaught of the heat of the sun in summer. Likewise children especially when small await mother to take them into her lap, kiss them and shower love on them. It happens with children whose mothers are working mothers, estranged mothers and at times separated by time and circumstances. MOTHER'S LOVE IS UNFORGETTABLE. Alas when one gets married especially it happens so often with the sons that after marriage they take distance with the mother and at times get so distant, that they never meet their mother, meet perhaps in dreams, recalling the past, in difficulties and moreso at special functions of anniversaries etc. Life shows that those children who fight with parents, mostly with father in which mother under compulsion of her relationship with the husband and to live with him all along, becomes a party, gets accused and instead of love, gets tears and regrets. THE DISTANCE, ILL-WILL FOR AND WITH THE PARENTS AND RECALL OF ACCUSATIONS AND FIGHTS AND REPENTANCE RESULTED THEREFROM, REVIVES THE LOVE BUT THE STOP AND HESITATION REMAIN DUE TO EGO AND PERHAPS NOT TO SPOIL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WIFE. IF NEVER BEFORE, LOVE BREAKS UP IN TEARS AND REGRETS WHEN THEY FIND THAT MOTHER IS NO MORE AND THEY WILL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN . ....... hence LOVE IS EVER LASTING, MOTHER'S LOVE IS NATURAL, EMOTIONAL, EVER LASTING AND DESPITE ILL-WILL, IT REMAINS PRESENT ALL THE TIME, HARDLY EXPRESSED BUT REMAINS IN EMOTIONS IN SILENCE, PERHAPS NOT TO ANNOY THE HUSBAND. tks