14 January 2020 10:09

LOVE BEGETS LOVE, it is said so. It is true in the sense that one must learn to love irrespective of the fact one may get it back or not. When one expects something in return for the good done, if not paid back, one feels bad about it and some time retorts and does not love any more to enable the other person to realise that any or every good needs to be paid back. In the lightest sense, one may opt to ignore the other person. I WILL SAY HERE LIES THE FAULT. If one love someone, one neededn't expect to be rewarded. As such to continue in showing love, will avoid getting any after thoughts whether the other one has shown love or not and as such the love giver will get used to show love as a habit and as such will get habituated to remain at peace and will be happy all the time. HENCE AS A CONCLUSION, BELIEVE AND ACT IN THE SPIRIT THAT GOOD ACTS ARE ONE'S OWN BELIEF, MAKE THESE NATURAL IRRESPECTIVE OF THE FACT WHETHER ONE REWARDED BACK OR NOT.