26 April 2021 01:52

LOVE. it is difficult to define but i think it is an attachment which comes about by birth, by care and company as one finds between the parents and the children, also is emotional, sentimental and instinctive. vibrations, momentary glance, finding someone to fulfill one's hidden inner feelings, appreciation of same thoughts and views, kind and selfless gestures by some, sympathy for ill-fated etc etc create love. however the extent of love depends on how closeness one feels and never ever bears ill-will. in priority GOD takes preference, parents come 2nd BEFORE MARRIAGE, after marriage WIFE becomes exclusive love and children afterwards, parents, brothers and sisters take 2nd position and in series thereafter come some relations, friends etc etc. .. there do exist momentary love, temporary love and permanent love. BELIEF AND BLOOD RELATIONSHIP are other forms of love as both are blind in behaviour and never give chance to doubt and/questioning. tks   SUCCESS GENERALLY MAKES A MAN SELF SATISFIED AND MAKE HIM/HER HOT-HEADED. Such persons sure of their hard work and experience generally do not listen to others nor care for their ideas, they think and dictate that what they are saying and doing are right and they need no questioning. Worst happens when their children get grown up and want to go by their own way and liking, may it concerns higher studies, marriage, getting into parents business etc. etc. Worst happens children who are young and get adult, get motivated to perform and show their success while the parents stick to their decisions and experience. Hence the conflicts. I think, the ANSWER, lies in the fact that parents and persons who have been successful must realise that THEY SUCCEEDED BECAUSE OF CIRCUMSTANCES AND OPPORTUNITIES WHICH THEY ENCASHED AND WITH HARD WORK SUCCEEDED AS SUCH. THEIR AMBITION AND SUCCESS HELPED THEM AND MOTIVATED THEM TO WORK HARDER TO OBTAIN MORE AND MORE RESULTS. Alas, however, they forget that it was the time of their youth and vigor which is no more and instead those ambitions, vigor and motivation are developed in their children through example, observation, youth, change of environment and their own capabilities and guts to believe that if their parents could achieve so much without much on the back, why should they not with better baggage and education. ADVICE: I think such successful persons must keep their stories of success mostly to themselves to narrate BUT IN NO WAY TO IMPOSE, and MOST IMPORTANT LET THEIR CHILDREN DO WHAT THEY WISH it is said SELF EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST ANSWER TO SUCCESS AND SATISFACTION. Let me not forget that besides dealing with children, they must behave in all circumstances with family, friends, relations, known and unknown persons in the same manner as HAPPY MEMORIES to narrate to the interested ones AND LEARN MUST NOT TO IMPOSE as otherwise they will be disliked and abandoned perhaps. IN SHORT SUCCESS BRINGS IN GENERALLY TO GET HOT HEADED BUT WISER AND SUCCESSFUL ARE THOSE WHO CHANGE THEMSELVES WITH THE PASSAGE OF TIME tks