22 June 2021 05:55

LOVE IS NATURAL AND EMOTIONAL: FOUNDER OF MARRIAGE GUIDANCE NEW CONCEPT’S ADVICE AND WARNING TO ADULTS AND YOUNGSTERS, TO BREFLECT BEFORE FALLING IN LOVE>. 1. Beware and be selective before you leap into love. 2 Couples are made in Heaven” is taken as an illusion. 3. Once entrapped in love, in awareness or in ignorance, it lasts till death, leading to happiness or despair and regrets Human beings” mind is like an x-ray, it could subside but with a bit of ignition, it flares up like wild fire. 4. Love could be compared to bliss like heaven and cancer if mistaken. 5. Life goes in Happiness or in Despair .Regrets and Destruction in some cases as one adapts to one’s attitudes as per circumstances, In some cases, just to manage attitude cursing one’s destiny and in most cases ending up in divorces etc. 6. The founder of Marriage Guidance New Concept based on his experience, vision etc. has taken to writing to enable the adults/youngsters to read and be aware of the consequences before just jumping into love by emotional vibrations, external physical and/or material status- the common entrap of the youngsters especially, and to take a well deliberated and calculated decision. 7. The founder of Marriage Guidance New Concept would suggest and advise the youngsters to read his writings consisting of pre and after marriage write-ups titled Criteria for Marriage, Fiancie, Marriage Celebrations and How to lead a Happy Couple Life as also his day-to-day write-ups appearing daily in Facebook and Marriage Guidance New Concept programme. Pl daily click and www. 8. Last of all, once decision is taken to fall in love and get married, which is natural, instinctive and emotional expression of love, one must learn how to manage with it by taking to reasons, changing one’s attitudes and understanding, “second is never comparable to first” except , past continues recalling and follows up likes a shadow anywhere and everywhere Besides children’s upbringing and parents way of life stand as a moral ground for the future of their children, keep both soul-mates to what is called “live-in relationship” rather than living happily. 8. HENCE FOUNDER’S ADVICE AND WARNING TO ADULTS/ YOUNGSTERS IS TO GET TO KNOW WHAT IS LOVE, WHAT WILL BE ITS FUTURE CONSEQUENCES IF DECISION IS TAKEN UNAWARE AND/OR IN IGNORANCE. IN THE PRESENT ENVIRONMENTS, IT IS ADVISED THAT COURTSHIP BEHAVIOUR AND EXPERIENCE ARE THE GUIDE FOR THE COURSE OF ACTION. 9. Parents advice must be taken as a suggestion but not as a command and imposition..