14 January 2020 10:59

LOVE IS RECEDING, I THINK SO. In agrarian society, love was the deepest maybe due to joint family system which was necessary as many hands were required to cultivate. But in this industrial stage, where almost everyone is consumed by travel, office working, problems and urgency of work therein etc. etc. On return at home one is so tired that one finds hardly any time to share pleasantries and to spend some time with children. In reality each one gets busy to himself/herself,they responsibilities meet perhaps to take dinner together and engage in casual talk. THIS BECOMES MORE PROMINENT WHEN BOTH HUSBAND AND WIFE ARE WORKING. As parents have hardly any time to spend and enjoy with children nor to share the difficulties being faced by the children, when the children grow up they do keep relationship with parents but warmth of love lacks perhaps nothing to share. It also happens more when children get the job away in other areas, states, countries etc. BESIDES life is becoming so strenuous that one finds hardly the time even to call, many a time it goes into postponing. THE LOVE BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE has come to a temporary pass as marriage mostly takes place at long age, whereby relationship as boy and girl friend causes many upheavals creating many doubts and uncertainties. The result even after marriage is that in most cases trust lacks, in feeling of equality and individual freedom, there are many exchanges of arguments and conflicts than having a real love. Whole day work adds to more strain and problems, job uncertainty keeps one worried than find time to relax really and enjoy life in love. Household responsibilities, getting to kitchen, preparing food etc. and children add to additional responsibilities and tiredness. Besides, environmental change is also adding to this problem for hardly finding any time for real love nor any keenness for love, loose relationship, individualism, living away from family, getting into relationship on their own, all these factors are, I think, reducing the depth of love.tks