21 November 2020 06:53

LOVE CONTINUES CHANGING IN FORMS, KIND AND IN RELATIONSHIPS. There is no doubt love is natural and inborn emotional asset in all living beings, human beings, animals, birds, insects etc. etc. It is love which keeps us all not only associated but to remain respectful and united. Love starts as one is born, with one's mother, later on it moves to father, brothers, and sisters, and when brothers and sisters get grown up, love starts reducing and at least it doesn't remain in the same spirit and depth as it was when brothers and sisters were children, so and so forth, and in extreme, not only it vanishes but turns into accusations, feuds and fights. Love gets developed in relationships in all forms of dealings like business, workplaces, friends, relations etc. etc. Association creates love as we see we human beings love animals and do all to keep them nourished and happy so long as these are kept by us. Further, age also affects love, as new born and as small children our love is deepest one for them due to innocence and nothing to grumble and question us. Love is not in the same degree for the father as for the mother. Life shows us when we are in difficulty, we say HAYAI MAAN, hence there is difference of love by children for their mother and father. Besides, our love for GOD is immense as we are not questioned in any form and we take God as justice giver, no partiality at all and in us as human beings, self interests are inherent , hence the degree of love continues changing and in extreme it vanishes. IN CONCLUSION LOVE IS ESSENTIAL, IT GROWS IN RELATIONSHIP,SELF INTERESTS ETC. ONLY IF WE ARE NOT QUESTIONED AND INSTEAD SHIFTS TO THOSE WHO BENEFIT US IN SOME MANNER OR OTHER MAYBE FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, BY LISTENING AND GIVING ADVICE AND EVEN BY RELIEVING US BY PATIENT LISTENING ETC. ETC. BESIDES EVEN LOVE FOR MOTHER ALSO CHANGES ONCE THEIR FATHER DOES NOT WANT, THE CHILDREN FIND THEIR MOTHER TAKING SIDES AND EXHIBITIONG PARTIALITY, GET IN FIGHT WITH MOTHER TO PROTECT THEIR WIVES IN PREFERENCE AS ALSO THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS ETC. ETC. IN SHORTS LOVE CREATES RELATIONSHIP,.. RELATIONSHIPS AND SELF INERESTS LET THE LOVE GROW, NONETHELESS MOTHER'S LOVE IS THE EXTREME TO BE REMEMBERED IN LIFE TIME AND WHEN MOTHER IS NO MORE ALIVE. tks ..................................................................... by vasdevloond founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, certified for name and log for its property rights, and to contact: vasdevloond 9811943867