30 August 2020 11:45

LOVE NOW HAS BECOME ELUSIVE, EVASIVE, INDECISIVE AND PERHAPS SUSPICIOUS. WHY SO: life span has increased, education has become the main source to seek a job and as such importance is being given to be well educated, well settled, be confident to live on one's own and to make decisions of his own. HENCE EDUCATION AND CAREER HAVE BECOME MOST IMPORTANT AND when to marry and with whom to marry have become less important. In pursuit of these objectives, open society , media, travels etc have opened doors for BOY AND GIRL FRIENDSHIP till the time one decides to marry. As for higher studies and jobs, locations do change, new friendships are formed. This phenomenon has lead to INDECISIVENESS about making a choice which is called the right choice to opt for a particular soulmate. Many marriage bureaus have groomed up and many local pandits, astrologers, etc. are flooded to meet the demand for marriage. Most of the educated persons are taking their choice for marriage bureaus, but are also fraught with DISTRUSTS OF THESE THE MOST, but remain helpless as they do not find any other plausible answer. To fill in this gap of no choice and distrust in marriage bureaus, I have carved out a marriage bureau called MARRIAGE GUIDANCE NEW CONCEPT which gives transparency, confidence, through exhaustive biodatas,meets of boy/girl and families and visits to respective houses provides maximum safeguard against frauds and guidance helps to clarify, elaborate on the merits of marriage as a pious institution, how to make a perfect choice and how to lead a happy married life, supplemented with utmost efficiency and performance to infuse confidence. WONDER: ALL IS COST FREE. To try and gain experience, do please provide us your mail id and phone number to enable us to send biodata form. thanks to all readers,associates and intending spouses.