Life is for love, happiness, success, family and be remembered by family, relations, friends, nation

27 November 2017 07:54

Regrettable we find conflicts in: (i)   Couples (ii)  Families (iii) Neighborhood (iv)  Work places (v)   Ideas/ideology (vi)  Beliefs Peace is the motto, which consists of: (i) Understanding  (ii)Frank communication  (iv)Honesty   (v)Sharing and caring   (vi)Divergence of opinion, but with no vengeance or ego    (vii)Fidelity    (viii)Reciprocal sex satisfaction     (ix) Appreciation in thinking and expression at home, in family and relations, in social gatherings and in society at large.      (x) Priority of LOVE over relations (xi) complete CONFIDENCE without doubt in any manner. Marriage means to have children, children throw responsibilities do develop dreams to achieve and bring in pride, honor and also to accomplish what father, mother could not accomplish.Family creates ambitions and zeal to work and to realize. With family needs increase, efforts get endless. Remember always; peace is progress, wars are destructions then why these are waged, i think, simply that i am superior, i am the commander, i need to be obeyed in the manner i think and dictate and important of all, i must be remembered as the most strongest person as a warrior and beneficiary of my nation. Alas death one day comes in, takes away all pride, might, wealth and everything and relegates one to flames, ground, insects and what not. Why conflicts then, one needs to think over, it is my humble submission. Why not live in peace and progress.