11 February 2020 05:08

MALES ARE PROTECTORS OF FEMALES. we find it as a natural instinct, why so, it needs to be spelled out in reasons and to conclude whether it is true and will continue to be so. I think the reasons are 1. physical strength 2. social behaviour 3. we observe in husband and wife relationship 4. when there are two boys fighting for the same girl or someone wants to attack wife or girl- friend of a person, generally these are the males who fight while females tend not to engage in and if at all, her action is symbolic, perhaps the female feels conscious of her physical weaknesses etc. etc. 5. also perhaps possessiveness and urge of feelings that she is mine and exclusive mine prompts the feelings to protect and engage in fight if necessitated 6. same phenomenon we find between brother and sister 7. soon as a girl gets married, her behaviour changes to acceptance of her husband as a protector against all odds and eventualities etc.AS SUCH I TEND TO BELIEVE THAT MALE IS GROWN AND FORMED TO PROTECT FEMALE and there is no exception to it.