28 July 2019 04:36

AFTER MRRIAGE CONFLICTS AND FIGHTS WHY reasons are many besides what I have cited before. These are gender bias, non acceptance of qualities of each other and to exert supremacy, both families conflicts non commitment of promises, non communication, no participation in household affairs, intolerable habits, impotent, avoiding discussions and decisions, non acceptance of wife family their attitude and behaviour, job choice clashes etc. etc. ANSWERS 1. to give wife priority, to listen and understand her, communicate and explain his limitations in non committal and non acceptance to assure honesty and sincerity in conjugal relationship However intolerable habits and impotency are most important of all to bear with or to part with, There lie compulsion of family, society etc but I think it is better to part with rather than be in torture all the time Caution before such an extreme and drastic decision is taken one must essentially study all the possible difficulties and consequences and once determined must take to separation and divorce....tks Vasdev Loond