20 August 2019 07:10

MARRIAGE IS A PIOUS INSTITUTION CREATED BY SOCIETY TO BRING ABOUT SOCIAL COHESION AND PROGRESS. Alas it is fast deteriorating and it is not being well taken care of as to how to avoid its downfall and how to strengthen it. There are many reasons for the downfall, for example, family conflicts, miss-match of companions as husband and wife, flagrant expectations, stress of work, insecurity of job, preference to self-independence - no interference etc., many avenues have opened p to satisfy sex like boy and girl friendship, live-in arrangement, women education and empowerment and as such their independence of thinking, attitudes and manners etc. while on the contrary still continuing behaviour of man's hidden supremacy and gender bias though such traits are getting minimal and/or are of least importance in thinking but in actual life, these do crop up and become the cause of conflicts etc., unawareness of consequences of divorce, legal hurdles of divorce, allocation/distribution of assets and inheritance etc. etc. and there are enormous reasons of non-acceptance and intolerance etc. AS SUCH TO AVOID SUCH COMPLICATIONS. LIVE-IN ARRANGEMENT IS TAKING IMPORTANCE, SOME STATES HAVE STARTED GIVING SAME SOCIAL BENEFITS TO LIVE-IN ARRANGEMENT AS ARE GIVEN TO THE MARRIED COUPLES. BESIDES TREND FOR SINGLES IS ALSO GROWING...... HENCE ARISES THE NEED TO WEED OUT MARRIAGE DRAWBACKS, TO ENLIGHTEN WHAT FAULTS IN LIVE-IN AND SINGLES EXIST, WHAT TYPE OF SYSTEMS NEED TO BE EVOLVED TO GIVE IF NOT PERFECT, AT LEAST TOLERABLE RELATIONSHIP OF HUSBAND AND WIFE, AND TO HIGHLIGHT IN PROMINENCE THE ADVANTAGE OF MARRIAGE. comments.. maybe I will attempt and write down some solutions. tks