10 December 2021 03:46

MARRIAGE IS A GAMBLE IT IS SAID SO. I do not think it is true. It is the best institution to live a happy married life and make progress. Rest of the systems are just the offshoots but not the reality. The QUESTION ARISES HOW TO GET TO IT AND MAKE IT HAPPIER ONE. ANSWER; it is said each problem has a solution provided one is determined to find it out and cipher out which is the best solution out of various options. Thus marriage also needs to get to certain procedures. The first one consists in HOW TO SELECT A PARTNER, one needs to get at this write-up, read it and practise on the system provided. 2nd it is also said that marriage brings two bodies into one soul. It is true and it needs to be understood that marriage needs understanding and compatibility. As 2 individuals are unknown, they need time to meet each other before marriage to observe, understand and make efforts to adjust with each other's manners, habits, thoughts and aspirations. In the beginning it will be generally irritating and doubtful but if there exist inner feelings of love, the more both will meet, take time to express, communicate, understand the viewpoint of each other and feel persuaded with the logical discussion and conclusion, the understanding, accommodation and compatibility will overcome the initial doubts and hesitations. 3rd it is said that marriage is not only of the boy and the girl but also of the families. It is true it needs the adjustment of the boy and the girl amongst themselves and also with each other's family. This shall require after engagement in the social system of marriage and before in the case of love marriage, to get to each other's families, meet them, understand them and get adjusted to them through observation, discussions, respect and in firm belief that as younger ones it is easier for both of them to adjust with the future in-laws than to expect them to adjust with these 2 going to get married. THUS THIS INITIAL EFFORT, TIME TAKEN TO ADJUST AND HAVING A GLANCE AT 'SYLLABUS FOR PRE-MARRIAGE EDUCATION AND GUIDANCE' and also to converse, for the girl with the mother and boy with the father as to what difficulties they faced by citing those hard situations and how they succeeded to overcome those and how they have succeeded to make their life a happier and loving one as a couple, this pre-marriage discussion I am sure will surely influence the boy and the girl to understan each other better and do ALL TO ADJUST AND TO TURN THEMSELVES COMPATIBLE AND LOVING COUPLE AFTER MARRIAGE. .... RE: family feuds, dowry etc. I shall cover in the next write-up. tks