26 June 2021 12:23

MARRIAGE IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF LIFE, HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPY AND ENJOYABLE IS A QUESTION. ...answer lies in 1. some believe in destiny, get contented and live a normal life 2. there are others and most of them these days, they did mistake and continue regretting, criticising and fighting 3. there are very few who believe that life is a gamble of win and lose, in this case of marriage they went into their choice, hence they have to accept this as a reality and adjust in all manners. THE QUESTION ARISES HOW TO AVOID MISTAKES AND REGRETS THEREAFTER. I think as in work and all spheres of life, PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL and execution comes later, in marriage also, SELECTION OF A PARTNER IS VERY IMPORTANT, WHICH NEEDS PLANNING EXERCISE. It therefore requires 1. to analyse one's own merits and demerits 2. neglect those which are not essential 3. prioritise only those which are considered essential to bear with those demerits, do all that such demerits are avoided and if not, diluted at least 4. such essentials will be few and as such it will be easy to check, make decision by meeting, discussing, tolerating, understanding, ignoring and adjusting with each other as each one is. HENCE SELECTION OF A PARTNER GIVES A CHANCE TO ONE TO MAKE CALCULATED DECISION, AND ONCE THAT DECISION IS MADE, THEN TO GO ALONG WITH, BOOSTS ONE TO COPE WITH IT FEELING AND THINKING THAT IT WAS MY AND MY ALONE DECISION. THUS SELECTION OF A PARTNER IS A MUST AND ONE MUST DO ALL THIS INITIAL EXERCISE BEFORE JUMPING INTO MARRIAGE PROCESS. tks written by founder marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO 9811943867 26-6-21 TO FIND A PARTNER IS NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL 2nd step: 1.HOME WORK,2. BE INFORMED, 3.BE GUIDED, 4.BE CLEAR AND SPECIFIC ABOUT YOUR SEARCH OF THE CHOICEST PARTNER,5. BE READY TO BE FLEXIBLE IF EMOTIONALLY, VISUALLY OVERJOYED AND/OR EVEN SATISFIED . Home work: as for exam, competition, discussion, combat, one is essentially to do in the form of studies, exercises etc etc. to pass the exam, as best as one aims at and does the home work accordingly.In the same manner one is to get to jot down merits and demerits of his/her personality and be precise and determined to search for what one wants, which I have called HOW TO SELECT A PARTNER. 2. Reading and grasping essentials of what marriage means, what responsibilities, charm, happiness, progress it carries and what are the difficulties and problems one is required to face and get over, how and in what manner by citing various examples how such difficulties and problems were got over by some while others failed, why and how. ALL THIS MEANS THAT ONE IS FULLY ENLIGHTENED TO ENJOY THE MARRIED LIFE AND IS READY TO FACE AND OVERCOME WHAT PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES CROP UP IN THE CONJUGAL LIFE hereafter. 3. TEACHING AND GUIDANCE. It can be imparted by institutions by those specialised on the subject of marriage, like socialigists, psychologists, by social societies and congregations etc. etc. Some of the topics which such institutions etc. should cover, seem to be: 1. what is marriage 2. why it is essential 3. if avoided and not to get married, what consequences it shall carry 4. what are the forms of marriage, what are the merits and demerits of each form , and in preference what is and should be the best choice 5. to elaborate on what advantages the marriage carries and what problems it creates, cite examples, take to discussions, sum up conclusions and to leave to each individual to go by what each one thinks, perhaps to put such persons to more arguments, discussions and understanding.