14 July 2019 04:52

MARRIAGE IS SOOTHING AND COOLING FACTOR AGAINST ANGER which is also subjected to 1. self consciousness that anger does no good, rather instead harms self 2. why not to substitute again by other means of listening, understanding etc. which cause anger 3. change environments which seem to provoke one to anger 4. non-tolerance to opposition 5. finding no answer to the problem except to get into anger etc. etc. MARRIAGE BECOMES THE COOLING FACTOR also on condition whether the couple has got married after fully understanding and analysing one's habits through the criteria HOW TO SELECT A PARTNER which means if one is in the habit to get flared up and burst into anger, the other one fully understands the causes of such a habit and takes care to provide to the soulmate ALL WHAT IS NEEDED to calm him/her down which needs generally besides providing what the partner needs, to remain COOL. do not get into CONTRADICTION AND ARGUMENT, perhaps agreeing to and saying yes to whatever the angry person is saying and most important TO CHANGE AND/OR PERSUADE TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT, ENVIRONMENTS ETC. One must remember such a behaviour of understanding and tolerance can happen with soulmate, nearest and dearest friends, by well wishers only. Let me not forget to tell, in the family, to have children when small are there to share love and company to dilute anger and when the children are grown up, they turn out DISSUASIVES AND PERSUASIVES TO ENABLE ANGRY FATHER OR MOTHER TO GET CONSCIOUS THAT ANGER IS INFLICTING DAMAGE AND NO GAIN NEITHER TO SELF NOR TO THE FAMILY...... HENCE MARRIAGE AND FAMILY ARE THE GREAT HEALER AGAINST ANGER, I believe so. tks