19 May 2020 05:41

MIND AND BRAIN. Mind wants to remain in peace while brain does not allow it. It is key to mind which is governed by emotions, expectations, done and not done, what we see and feel, our relations, our thinking, vision and dreams. We know life is to live, the happier we live, the better it is but alas it does not happen generally though there may be some exceptions. Hence it is said the lesser the expectations, the lesser brain gets feedback and as such the lesser is the mind disturbed.Choice is left to us all. The day we are born, our needs to fill the belly start soon after and this goes on increasing because of our greed, the more we see and move about, the newer and newer we come across to amuse us, please us and to keep the mind at peace. It is a wish but as we see in this world, what man has not done, from miseries to luxuries and now wishes to go to space, which perhaps is not far off to turn into reality, not like as we travel in the planes, it will be costly and possibly will be enjoyed by few the wealthy one and possibly one day it may happen alike as we travel in the planes. Thus the sight and expectations keep the mind disturbed until and unless fulfilled. HENCE EXPECTATIONS AND MOVING DOWN TO OTHER COUNTRIES, SEEING AND MEETING PEOPLE, SEEING THE DEVELOPMENT ETC. ALL THESE CREATE THE URGE TO HAVE THESE, THE BRAIN AS SUCH STARTS WORKING AND THE FASTER AND HARDER THE BRAIN WORKS, THE MORE GETS DISTURBED THE MIND. ... Thus if we want to live in peace which is got by keeping the mind at peace and thus control the brain not to get tempted by these earthly creations, the more we can remain in peace and enjoy the life, as it is said the lesser we have, the more peaceful we live and enjoy and as such the more one has, the more one gets disturbed and worried. THUS LET US CONTROL OUR BRAIN TO KEEP OUR MIND AT PEACE AND ENJOY LIFE AS IT IS OR AS IT COMES ABOUT.