28 November 2019 06:07

MIND AND MOOD - follow-up: Mood is spontaneous which changes into good or bad through environments, situations, relationships, conversations, the very sight/appearance etc. Its formation gets quicker and is quickly reflected on the face while the effect of MIND is a gradual process. It is a combination of all elements which affect the MOOD, accumulated effects of detests and dislikings or likings which happen through love, emotions, good relationship, past remembrances and experiences etc. take a LONGER TIME to reflect on the face and also take a longer time to disappear. THUS MOOD IS THE START WHILE MIND IS LONG DRIVEN EFFECT OF REFLEXION ON THE FACE. Both are good or bad, depends on the circumstances and situations but IT IS ADVISABLE NOT TO ALLOW BOTH TO BE SPONTANEOUS AND ALLOW SOME TIME TO THINK OVER ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES FOR ONESELF AND FOR OTHERS. tks.