08 August 2019 12:49

MOOD AND ENVIRONMENT: I think MOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT as if mood is bad, even the best of best environments like being at resorts, travelling to places of wonder, being surrounded by nears and dears, do not help. BUT THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT ENVIRONMENTS DO PLAY A MAJOR ROLE TO CHANGE THE MOOD. If someone is in bad mood and continues to be in the same environments the bad mood will get into worse while good environments will help to soften the mood, the more the time will pass, the good environments will slowly and slowly help to change the bad mood to the normal one and the company of nears and dears as also self-realisation as to what disturbed one's mood, being in the company of nears and dears and good environments will help not only to dilute the intensity but will help to get over the bad mood and if reasoned out and felt convinced, that good environments and company of nears and dears are the rare occasions and which generally are seldom, THE MOOD WILL NOT ONLY CHANGE BUT WILL ALSO GET TO ENJOY THE ENVIRONMENTS , AND AS SUCH ENVRORNMENTS AND SELF REALISATION ARE THE BEST HEALER TO CHANGE THE BAD MOOD TO HAPPIER AND JOYFUL. ONE.