MOOD CAN WIN OR MAR 21-2-21.... 9-4-21

09 April 2021 12:05

MOOD CAN WIN OR MAR THE LIFE OF THE PERSON AND ALL THOSE AROUND. MOOD NEEDS TO BE CONTROLLED BY DISTRACTING TO SOME OTHER ACTIVITIES, CONVERSATION, TAKING A BIT MORE NAP, MEETING FRIENDS, ESSENTIAL TO AVOID WHAT WAS BEING PRIORITISED AND WAS A SERIOUS ONE NEEDING CONCENTRATION AND REFLECTION. IN SHORT, ONE MUST TAKE TO LIGHT THINGS WHEN IN BAD MOOD, ASSOCIATE WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE, FRIENDS ETC. ESSENTIALLY MUST CHANGE THE ENVIRONMENT AND DO ALL WHICH WILL HELP TO GET OVER THE BAD MOOD AND GET BACK TO NORMAL.   MOOD AFFECTS OUR WORKING AND BEHAVIOUR. then what are the causes which affect or create mood and what are essentials to keep good mood. 1. health, healthier one is, better will be the mood 2. sleep - sound sleep will create good mood while sleeplessness will create bad mood 3. worries and stress will create bad mood while joy and happiness will generate happy mood 4. revenge, ill-feelings etc will create bad mood while love will create good mood 5. success and appreciation create good mood while criticism and deprecation cause bad mood etc. etc. HOW TO EMBOLDEN OR CHANGE MOOD. 1. first and foremost is to convince oneself that bad mood will affect whole day work and relationship 2. to feel and convince oneself that POSITIVITY IS RESULT ORIENTED while NEGATIVITY IS DESTRUCTION 3. urgency, importance and amount of work to finish do enforce a person to get over the mood and get to work and as such mood changes. 4. change of environments. howsoever sombre mood may be, joyous company, music and company of one's liking and even strolling about do result in to forget and change mood to normal if not pleasant and joyous one   CONCLUSION; mood good or bad is to to happen, ONE CAN CHANGE MOOD IF ONE WISHES, GETS CONSCIOUS OF EFFECTS OF BAD MOOD AND GETS DETERMINED TO CHANGE IT, tks   BRIGHTEST IS THE DAY WHEN ONE'S MOOD IS EXCELLENT. Mood depends on whether one has slept well or not 2. on physical health of a person 3. on one's attitude whether it is positive or negative 4. unable to finish up the job assigned and taken over 5. bad relationship between husband and wife, with children, with relations, at place of work and/or with someone who is in contact or has been in contact 6. if one has been deceived by someone etc. etc,7. it also depends on the weather conditions, too hot is bad, too cold is bad, rainy day is bad etc. etc. DESPITE BAD MOOD, CAN ONE MAKE IT WORKABLE. Yes, if one is determined, has to finish a particular job/assignment as also in case of bad relations, has analysed the causes, has made up one's mind to mend these as quickly as possible, if bad health, by taking to doctor's suggestions and medicines could help a lot. tks