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-MOST DISTURBING AND EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO FIND SOLUTION 1. MISUNDERSTANDING BY THE CHILD ABOUT DECISION TAKEN BY PARENTS FOR HIS/HER EDUCATION, ACTIVITY/VOCATION, MARRIAGE ETC. Answer: 1. let it not be forgotten that parents take decision as they think will be in the best interest of their son/daughter, not to forget emotional love and blood relationship dictate this and it is not questionable at all, neither in respect of love nor for the prospect of their child. 2 keeping the above in mind, parents take decision as per the circumstances, capabilities, attitude and habits of the child. 3. some time it also happens that parents feel that whatever their child is wanting or insisting upon is neither justified nor is reasonable, as such the parents go by their own views, believing that they have much more experience of life which their child is not having, possibly he/she is dreaming without taking the realities into account. 4. it is also possible that views of the husband and wife do not match, discussions go on and mostly the husband goes by the wishes of the wife. 5. in extreme it happens when the boy or girl love someone but the parents due to status, their reputation etc. do not agree with the views of their child and go about to take decision which they feel is in the best interest of their child. SOLUTIONS: 1. PARENTS MUST BELIEVE IN THEIR CHILD, GET INTO DISCUSSION, GIVE ALL SORTS OF REASONS, MINDFUL THAT THEY ARE NOT INSISTING OUT OF EGO, AND/OR TAKING THE CHILD AS AN INEXPERIENCED ONE. HENCE EXPLANATION AND PERSUASION ARE ESSENTIAL WITHOUT BRINGING IN EGO, OR FEELING THAT THEIR CHILD IS STILL A SMALL CHILD. 2. WHEN THE CHILD GETS ADULT, THE PARENTS MUST TRUST THEIR CHILD LET HIM/HER TAKE THE DECISION AS HE/SHE WISHES, PRERENTS SHOULD FEEL INSTEAD THAT THEY HAVE EXPLAINED OUT OF LOVE AND EXPERIENCE AND IF THE CHILD DOES NOT AGREE, LET HIM/HER GO IN HIS/HER OWN WAY AND FACE THE SITUATION AS IT SHALL UNVAIL HEREAFTER. 3. IF IT IS A QUESTION OF LOVE FOR MARRIAGE WITH SOMEONE, IF THE PARENTS FIND THAT THE LOVE OF THEIR CHILD HAS REACHED AN IRREVERSIBLE STAGE, IT WILL BE THE BEST NOT TO EXPRESS/COMMUNICATE THEIR VIEWS AS IF THE CHILD LISTENS TO THEM AND BREAKS THE RELATIONSHIP, POSSIBLY HE/SHE MAY NOT MARRY, BREAK RELATIONS WITH THE PARENTS ETC. HENCE THE ANSWER REMAINS NOT TO INTERFERE IF THE LOVE RELATIONS OF THEIR CHILD ESPECIALLY WHEN IT HAS REACHED AT ITS FINAL STAGE. 4. IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THE CHILD BEING ADULT THINKS THAT HIS/HER PARENTS DO NOT LIVE IN THE PRESENT LIFE AND PRESENT ENVIRONMENTS, AND ARE PERHAPS DREAMING IN THEIR PAST EXPERIENCE AND BELIEFS. In conclusion: I am of the view when the child becomes adult and wants to be on his/her own parents should politely and cautiously explain their child and if he/she does not agree and insists in his/her decision, it is all the more better and necessary that parents agree to the decision of their despite their child. As a point of caution, I would say it is father who should discuss with the child when it is reaching its final stage, as when both wife and husband will talk, there are more chances of denial and conflict. Hence separate discuss between the father and the child will possibly be more congenial and as such harmonious relations will remain intact. -further also the experience shows when the children are given free hand of what they want to do, possibly they may make mistakes and/or cause certain losses, such happenings will certainly give them experience, make them mature, and finally they will not only reap the desires results but will generally excel. AS AN EXAMPLE, let it also not be forgotten when the mother wants her child to learn walking, she sees the child falling, picks up the child, and makes him/her walk, despite even at time the child is weaping, the mother does all, that her child does not weap, but continues persisting that the child despite falling and weaping many times, does learn to walk and walk on his/her own. What a wonder when the same child starts walking, see how happy and successful and proud he/she feel about his/her adventure. -LET ME MAKE IT PLAINLY CLEAR TO THE PARENTS THAT THEY MUST NOT INSIST ABOUT THEIR VIEWS AND ALLOW, RATHER WITH BLESSINGS, THEIR CHILD TO DO WHAT HE/SHE WANTS. LET ME REMIND THE PARENTS THOSE WHO DO NOT ALLOW THEIR CHILD TO GO BY HIS/HER OWN WAY, ALL BLAMES FOR HIS/HER FAILURE WILL BE PUT ON THE PARENTS AND IT WILL REMAIN A CURSING POINT THROUGH WHOLE OF THEIR LIFE. GENERALLY IT HAPPENS SO IN CASE OF STUDIES, VOCATIONS, MARRIAGE ETC. -NEEDLESS TO FORGET, WHEN THE CHILD MAKES HIS/HER OWN DECISION, HE/SHE MAKES ALL EFFORTS THAT FAILURE DOES NOT HAPPEN, AND IF EVER IT HAPPENS, HE/SHE WILL NEVER BLAME THE PARENTS, CURSE HIMSELF/HERSELF AND POSSIBLY MAY FEEL INCLINED TO LISTEN TO HIS/HER PARENTS HEREAFTER. Rest of the points I will be answering one by one in the next write-ups. MESSAGE MARRIAGE GUIDANCE IS UNIQUE FOR REASONS:- 1. EXHAUSTIVE BIODATA FORM 2. 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