28 January 2024 08:11

MOST DISTURBING AND EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO FIND SOLUTION -such a situation mostly happens between parents, their children and inlaws, boy or daughter. -firstly let me go into as to what are the reasons for not only estrangement of relations and in extreme many a time it so happens that they want to thrash and even to resort to killing. -the reasons seem to be -1. Misunderstanding by the child that parents have destroyed his/her life by not allowing him/her to do and/or get to vocation/activity whatever he/she wanted. 2. misunderstanding created by all those who are not happy to see the smooth and progressive relationship and life of the concerned family/families and more or less take them as foes and enemies invertly/secretly. 3. daughter in-law and mother in-law do not go on well in their relationship which happens quite often. 4. distribution of assets and properties, presumed to be favouring some and neglecting the other. 5. visible parents behaviour and leaning toward the weaker one than the one who is hard working and is well settled. 6. difference of opinion and approach to various subjects and decisions. 7. habits and attitudes of parents and/or children not compatible. 8. real or presumed lack of respect by the children to their parents. -These are in general and there could be so many other reasons, past and present which result from ego, presumed ignorance of the parents, adamant and uncontrolled behaviour of parents, some habits, attitudes of the parents presumed to be causing to the children’s reputation, financial loss etc. etc. -In rea, life many misunderstanding and presumed misunderstanding issues do create disliking, embitterment of relations, to the extent not to see eye to eye, and even get into vengeance and revenge by all means. -AS A RESULT THEREOF PARENTS REMAIN PURTURBED, DISTURBED AND WORRIED ALL THE TIME THINKING- -they have done all sacrifices to do the best upbringing of their children, as such neither they merit such a behaviour by their children nor can they bear it any more. -at time they think, what a horrible mistake they committed to wish and plan to have children better it would have been that they would have lived their life the best with their earning without any worries nor any responsibilities etc. -at time they think whatever has happened has happened, nothing can be done now and any more, let us do all what we can to reach the end of our life as quickly as possible by prayer to GOD, neglecting to take care of our health, and perhaps resorting to suicide etc. -further such a thinking gets its magnitude especially when the parents get old to such an extent that they are physically incapable to manage by themselves, at times financially as well, as also remain in fear for their life lest they are killed by someone etc. -FURTHER it has also been observed that those parents who have sent their children for higher studies, many do not come back, get assimilated and habituated with the culture of the country they are living in, get married in that country mostly with the nationals and/or of foreign origin, irrespective of their creed, belief and/or religion. -such a situation not only disturbs the parents but makes them repent as to how and why they took such a decision, besides that there is none to take care of them. -they know it well that whatever good or mistake has been done is done, it is not reversible at at all -but unfortunately they can’t resist nor avoid such a thinking and worries thereof especially When they are distressed and find none to take care of them or even to help them. -besides extremes also happen when they learn that the relations of their children and their wives are not going on well and possibly could break any time. All this time keeps them worried but with no answer, neither daring to advise nor the children are ready to listen to their advice, which they generally believe and reply back that it is their own affair they know it better, neither parents know the exact reasons, which if ever said, are talked of whatever suits their children, by putting all blames on the other side, hence least the children are convinced nor do they listen to their children. Possibly at time the children feel that it is better to live alone than be in clashes all the time. -As a result thereof, parents remain worried all the time, in helplessness and regrets in addition to their own worries for their health, care, loneliness etc. -Further when such a situation of break happens, accusations and justification of all types are invoked whenever talked to others, but internally they remain totally distressed and dissipated by losing the relationship with those they got united with and created relationship of togetherness, love and mostly of help to each other. SUCH A LOSS NOT OUT TURNS A SHOCKING ONE BUT ALSO UNFORGETTABLE TALES OF THE PAST GLORIOUS TIMES AND EVENTS. -IN SHORT THERE IS NO END TO WORRIES AND REGRETS ON THE DECISIONS AND ACTIONS TAKEN GENERALLY ACCEPTING THESE AS THEIR OWN MISTAKES AND CURSING THEMSELVES ALL THE TIME. -answers to all above situations, I shall be dealing with in the next write-up. In the meantime, be with me to believe that each problem has a solution, which needs to be searched for and action taken thereof.. MESSAGE MARRIAGE GUIDANCE IS UNIQUE FOR REASONS:- 1. EXHAUSTIVE BIODATA FORM 2. MATCHES SENT ARE FULLY VETTED AS PER REQUIREMENTS. 3. WHEN APPROVED BY BOTH BOY AND GIRL, WHEN CONFIRMATION OF NOC IS RECEIVED, BIODATAS TO BOTH ARE GIVEN VICE VERSA 4. FREE OF COST, NEITHER FOR REGISTRATION NEITHER AGAINST NOCs NOR AFTERWARD 5. ON REQUEST, BOTH SPOUSES WITH THEIR FAMILIES ARE RECEIVED AT MGNC OFFICE WHEREIN MEETS ARE ARRANGED, DISCUSSIONS ARE HELD, DOUBTS, IF ANY,ARE CLEARED AND EXPLAINED EXHAUSTIVELY. 6. 10,000 BIODATAS ARE HELD IN STOCK OF ALMOST ALL COMMUNITIES. 7. WAS FOUNDED IN 2015, CARRIES 5 STARS IN GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK. 8. INTERESTED FOR COLLABORATION. CONTACTL9811943867