Marriage Is A Problem – Not At All

27 November 2017 07:55

Just try it once. The founder of Marriage Guidance New Concept is a man of experience, vision, full of love and dedication to help the mankind, wonderful and astonishingly, at NO COST. He is a recipe, solace and guide for those in despair, gives solution to almost all problems, is philosophical articulates his experience and vision in writings, discussions and dialogue. He is missionary in spirit and action and is always ready to help everyone who wishes to seek his help. With this Marriage Guidance New Concept, he has invented an exception logo, devised bio-data detailed one to avoid possible frauds, visits to respective house of intending spouses and family, further eliminates the chances of frauds and scandals, if any. It is true marriage is not the same which was decided by the Parents and the girls even if not happy, had to live and die in adverse circumstances. CHANGE IS GETTING RAPID. Higher education, woman empowerment, work culture and necessities, travel to and fro clubbed together, to work in workplaces with men, bear gender bias, mockeries at times, bosses and colleagues undesired advances, social media, have resulted to face the men as equals, compete with them as equals , behave as equals, at times to expect more than equals. Career-consciousness, self-dependence and to have a house of their own has lost the zeal to marry at early stage. Different marriage combinations have developed like live-in arrangement, boy and girl relationship, friendship relationship, and desire and search to marry only one soul-mate to his/her liking irrespective of age, same gender live-in arrangement and/or marriage, also not to marry at all influenced by reading and watching some stories of marriage conflicts, divorces and also in belief that LIFE IS TO ENJOY AS BEST AS ONE CAN and not to bind to one individual whether one likes or Not. All such happenings, compulsions and awareness have weakened the effectiveness of marriage. To overcome all these aversions, apathy and discord for marriage, the founder of Marriage Guidance has contributed many write-ups on various aspects of marriage, in particular how to choose a partner, how to live a happy couple life, essential s for intending spouses and couples, divorce is not the answer except in extremes, reflexion about problems faced by divorce especially by females. Besides these write-ups he also published a book on marriage titled marriage encyclopedia which is quite interesting and handy to read his views and to reflect on the merits of married life despite some hurdles in the beginning. For precaution and be well informed, glance at and . CONTACT : -  or 9811943867,088006858