05 June 2021 12:25

NEEDS ARE ESSENTIAL. had these not been especially to make earning meet and fill in the belly, perhaps all human beings, animals, birds, etc. would not have worked at all. 2. let us imagine that situation, then what would have happened to these living beings,how they would have spent their day and night, how could they could get sleep, even if we imagine like kumbhkaran, he also remained awake for 6 months and 6 months sleep, thus sleep and to remain awake are essential for the living beings, for how much time and from what time to what time, those who are in shifts duties, regulate their sleep accordingly 3. thus need is the forcing and compelling element to oblige a living being to work not only to fill in belly, but also to wear and to have shelter and more and more comforts later on and added needs as the life grows. 4. bare needs for all human beings are the same but it is analysed and conclusions have been reached and experienced, the better and qualitative food we take the longer we live except by accidents, genetic diseases, acquired diseases etc.etc. HENCE STARTS THE NEED TO WORK HARDER, EARN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE TO EAT THE BEST, wear the best and living in as comfortable house/place as one can afford. 5. limitless needs take to greed, greed brings in unhappiness and endless dissatisfaction, HENCE IT IS ESSENTIAL TO KEEP THE NEEDS IN LIMITS AS PER ONE'S MEANS AND MANAGE ACCORDINGLY if learnt to live like this, one could live a happier life and not otherwise. 6. however age, family, children upbringing, education etc. bring in additional needs, thus it becomes essential that one must make efforts to develop his/her knowlege, experience, manoveuvrability, ingenuity, vision, logic to do the work quicker, better and in simpler manner, those who are able to attain these qualities and/or any of these, are able to meet their additional needs conveniently and those who cannot. indulge in corrupt practices. Also added to this, come in habits, the worst the habits, the more are the needs, and the more one will take to corrupt methods. IN CONCLUSION NEEDS ARE ESSENTIAL TO FEED ONESELF, TO LIVE, LIVE BETTER, ENJOY BETTER COMFORTS, THUS IMPROVING ONE'S MEANS BY WORK AND ATTAINING EXPERTISE BECOME AN ESSENTIAL NECESSITY. THOSE WHO ARE ABLE TO MATCH WITH THEIR NEEDS. DO LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPIER LIFE. WHILE OTHERS NOT AND/OR INDULGE IN CORRUPT PRACTICES. written by founder marriage guidance new concept MGNC, cost free marriage bureau NGO.