09 June 2021 01:32

NEGATIVITY: It is an attitude which needs to be corrected as otherwise it is very harmful for the person who is afflicted with. Negativity will leave the person alone as many will avoid to get associated and talk over as they believe, I think so, that talking to the one who harbours negative attitude, will not bring in any useful result and as such why to waste time with such a person. 2. When many will feel like this, moreso the friends, relations and the family, such a person will be doomed to LONELINESS which could torture one internally and perhaps cause innumerable diseases, incurable until and unless one gets to change one's attitude, which could happen by discussing the problem of negativity with some sociologists, psychologists which can happen when one realises that NEGATIVITY HAS BROUGHT HIM/HER NO GAIN EXCEPT THE SUFFERANCES ONE IS ALREADY IN. I think very few take to such a course of action while many fall victim to NEGATIVITY, which develops slowly and perhaps turns out to be cause of one's death. THUS POSITIVITY IS THE ONLY ANSWER TO LIVE LIFE AND PROGRESS DESPITE ALL WORLDLY PROBLEMS. Negativity happens by birth, by circumstances, by failures, by setbacks in relationships, by getting deceived or cheated and so on. The earlier the parents observe such a behaviour in their child, it is most important that they must look to treatment in early stages and it is also most important TO GIVE MORE TIME TO THE CHILD, DISCUSS WITH THE CHILD HIS/HER WHOLE EXPERIENCE, GIVE SOLUTIONS AND LOVE, I think, if such a course of action is taken by the parents, their child could get rid of negativity and if not, it will remain in mildest stage which the child would overcome by his/her development in age, knowledge, experience and realisation. tks