28 October 2019 07:25

NEVER TO FIGHT WITH WIFE WHATEVER THE SITUATIONS MAY BE. Generally it so happens that because of ego, not getting soulmate as expected, expectations about behaviour, manners etc, relations with his family etc. all such situations happen when boy is in young age,especially soon after marriage, these get reducing and/or settled as the age advances and understanding between husband and wife starts growing. In old age especially after retirement, man depends mostly on wife. Both work hard for the development and growth of their children, who when get grown up and get to work, generally get busy in their own life as the parents had spent their life to start with and thereafter. AS SUCH AT THE END IT IS ONLY HUSBAND AND WIFE ARE LEFT TO LIVE TOGETHER, children get settled and occupied by their own choice, after retirement colleagues forget sooner or later, relations and friends get busy in their own families, many pass away, we in old age also get weak, develop certain diseases, mostly are unable to walk and travel, besides become conservative, spend the least, have nothing in common with friends and relations etc. and as such sooner or later, get restricted to as husband and wife. WHEN THIS IS THE FACT AND REALITY OF LIFE, THEN I ASK WHY NOT TO UNDERSTAND THIS FACT SOON AFTER MARRIAGE AND AS SUCH LIVE LIFE MORE CONGENIAL, LOVING AND ENJOYABLE. MY FRIENDS, IF NOT ACTED BEFORE, GET TO THIS PRINCIPLE, ACCEPT THE REALITY OF LIFE, AND AS SUCH ASSURE TO YOU TO LIVE IN HAPPINESS AND LONGEVITY IN LIFE. THERE COULD BE SOME DIFFERENCES FROM TIME TO TIME WHICH COULD BE SORTED OUT CERTAINLY THIS CONSCIOUSNESS OF NOT TO FIGHT AT ALL, WILL HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE ISSUE AND SETTLE IT AMICABLY. tks vasdevloond