24 May 2021 11:31

O'GOD HOW MUCH WONDERFUL YOU ARE. We feel about you, but can't touch you, want to be in your company, but can't find you, wonder I always how YOU could imagine to create this world where each human being, though coming from the source, is not the same, some time male and some time female, voices different,faces different, and what not, hardly anyone is alike in millions and millions. How is it that YOU created and also make them to die, created each one to kill another to live, survive and enjoy. If that was to happen, then what was the need to CREATE. Logically I find an answer that YOU never wanted anyone to become immortal and challenge YOU, perhaps YOU have thought of each and every detail and created plenty to feed ourselves, live and enjoy. Not to allow this universe to die and finish off, YOU thought of REPRODUCTION as well and left the human beings to enjoy and be happy. ALAS, YOUR WISH could not be accomplished as the MAN you created turned out to be selfish, jealous vindictive and is doing everying to OVERPOWER YOU. I AM SURE HE CAN NEVER. He feels happy by copying YOUR innovations and creations of which he feels happy with and terms these as SUCCESSFUL EXPLORATIONS. WHAT a wonder that YOU have given to every one two gifts -BRAIN and SOUL/MIND to permit them to make use of these as they like while YOU are there to oversee them, notr down each action of theirs and note all those in the CREDIT and DEBIT sections, so as to reward them in their rebirth. Alas again we do not know about it but do imagine and in that fear and reward do our best to DO GOOD DEEDS. YOU are Justice Giver, Impartial,Trustworthy, Geneours and KIND to everyone and judiciously write down all our deeds, good or bad. As all are your creations, taking clue from this fact whereby YOU want each one to be loved with the simple reason that each one is YOUR creation,I felt if I want to serve YOU and perhaps to be near YOU and in YOUR company, I must do something in service of mankind. Hence I started what is called MARRIAGE GUIDANCE NEW CONCEPT which not only unites two opposite human beings but also GUIDES them HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE. Pl have glance at www.marriageguidance.in and booklet titled Marriage Encyclopedia. thanks to all vasdevloond   25-5-21 GOD IS REGRETTING AND THINKING WHAT TO DO WITH THIS MAN, I GAVE HIM INTELLIGENCE, PERHAPS MORE THAN REQUIRED, AND AS SUCH I AM FACING THE CONSEQUENCES. IN THAT EFFORT I HAVE FOR TIME BEING SENT CORONA TO MAKE MAN REALISE AND DO WHAT FOR I HAD CREATED HIM, LIVE IN PEACE AND LOVE AND ENJOY LIFE AS I HAVE DECIDED FOR HIM, IT IS MY LAST WARNING, STILL IF THE MAN PERSISTS AND DOES NOT BEHAVE AS I WANT, THEN MAYBE I WILL HAVE TO FINISH THE MAN AND CREATE SOMETHING ELSE. REMEMBER I CREATED DEVIS AND DEVTAS, WHO ALSO STARTED FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER, THUS I THOUGHT OF CREATING MAN AND WOMAN , NOW HE IS ALSO BEHAVING IN THE SAME MANNER. IF BY CORONA MAN DOES NOT BEHAVE AS I WANT, I MUST TELL YOU THAT I SHALL NEVER TOLERATE DISTURBANCE AND WILL DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH THIS MAN WHO HAS TURNED VULGUR AND DISOBEDIENT.. TKS vasdevloond@gmail.com founder marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau