19 November 2019 05:33

OLD AGE IS A BLISS ORA CURSE. Many will say that it is a curse which we see every day and observe so BUT I WILL SAY IT IS A BLISS as by the time old age comes in, one generally has completed all his/he responsibilities to earn to feed his/her family, educate and settle down his/her children. HENCE THIS IS THE TIME WHEN ONE IS FREE AND HAS FULL FREEDOM to do what one could not do during his/her young and middle age. Unfortunately most of the old and so-called senior citizens neglect their health and as such remain busy in their struggle to manage with the strength and physical handicaps they are left with. It is true even if they have neglected to take care of their health, but still while remaining conscious and taking care of their health, they get enough time TO COMPLETE THEIR DREAMS, WISHES, WRITE DOWN EXPERIENCES, COMMUNICATE AND DO WHATEVER INTERESTS THEM as remaining idle will surely deteriorate their health swiftly and besides expense, it will generate a feeling of reaching the END OF LIFE and soon as this feeling comes about, the END HAPPENS QUICKER mostly in regrets and helplessness. HENCE OLD AGE IS A BLISS SO LONG AS ONE KEEPS ONESELF BUSY IN HIS/HER MISSION AND LIKING as in old age one is free to do what one likes and has enough time to think, read, convey and communicate his/her experience and also in his/her zeal is able to leave his benevolent work and memoires for the present generation and the next to benefit from. tks