OLD AGE IS A BLISS OR CURSE 7-2-21 , 1-3-21 2nd part 3rd old age is a bliss 104021

10 April 2021 03:07

OLD AGE is a bliss and curse as well. Those who plan for the old age, enjoy their old age while those who do not plan, live in regrets and miseries perhaps. Then question arises how to plan and what to plan. To do this exercise it is essential to work on what types of needs and requirements shall emerge to live in old age in a comfortable manner. To my mind, these in general consist in 1. medication, as the age continues advancing, body starts decaying, many weaknesses and handicaps including diseases develop. Hence one needs to save quite a bit of money which could be like deposits in the banks and/or taking life and medical insurance etc. 2. try to discharge almost all responsibilities in settling and marrying the children, before retirement as much as one can 3. must learn and keep means to live on one's own resources, if some help comes from the children, the better, and if not, one lives on one's own savings and/or income coming from business, pension, interest on savings, by doing small jobs here and there, if essential to keep busy and earn something extra. 3. put off almost all responsibilities as one can, for example by giving and/or distributing savings and assets to the children and also the controlling power as well , so as to remain free and worriless from day to day involvement, but essential that one has kept to oneself enough to remain independent and free from financial worries 5. remain attached but more detached from the children to allow one's children to live their life and also to be free to live one's own life in old age, of course, keeping contact and/or celebrating the desired functions together 6. keep oneself busy in some activity or the other, for example reading, writing, devoting to prayers, taking to household work, meeting and enjoying with friends, to finish off any and every pending jobs to avoid any trouble for the children7. to spend more and more time with the wife from household to travels, excursions, etc. etc. 8. to ensure and safeguard that life does not degenerate to situations like being unable to walk, developing certain and all types of diseases, and to keep oneself fit, hale and hearty, it is essential that besides remaining busy, one must take to exercises like yoga,, gym, morning and evening walk, taking healthy food and equally important to remain happy and worriless. 9. never to think and ponder over that I am old and that my end can come any time, believe me, the very thinking of death, will make the person depressing and avoiding to be in the company of others, perhaps believing that almost all are selfish and cheats etc. Instead it is essential that one plans to remain busy and motivated always to keep oneself fit and strong and/or keeping engaged in some activities of one's liking. Death is unavoidable and it has to happen one day, but to think of it, I believe, keeps one always in fear and in other words, such a person is dead before one's death takes place. Hence those who do not plan, they live their old age by cursing them, regretting all the time and also wishing for the end as quickly and as early as possible. One may say that it may be true for those who have enough means but what about the POOR AND THOSE WHO HARDLY MEET THEIR BOTH ENDS MEET. It is a regrettable situation, but those who think that one day or the other they will get old, they shall feel it essential to live conservatively and will essentially keep some resources aside, for the old age in the manner I have suggested above. Also if one decides to live with one's children, one needs to accept as to how one will adjust with one's son's family, especially daughter in-law, will he be helping them financially and/or divesting them of their responsibilities which mostly could involve to doing shopping, taking care of their children, helping in household affairs, helping in doing outside jobs like electricity ,water bills payment etc. certain issues with departments, relations etc. Further with the little bit saving, such person with meagre resources, will have to decide where to live after retirement and/or in old age, and as such start investing that saving to have a house, maybe getting to village, and in case of remaining on rent as heretofore and having not enough resources to have a house of one's own, then one must ensure that with the saving one is having, one can pay off rent easily .In may cases, all the money is spent on marriages etc. of the children, I will say, that in such a situation of poor resources, one may leave and advise one's children to live on their own as one has managed one's own life all along. IN CONCLUSION; AS IT IS SAID THAT THERE IS ALWAYS SOLUTION TO ALMOST ALL PROBLEMS, IF ONE SEARCHES FOR THE ANSWER. LIKEWISE IF ONE THINKS THAT ON ONE DAY, ONE IS TO GET OLD, AND GETS INTO PROPER PLANNING, ONE WILL CERTAINLY MANAGE TO LIVE ONE'S OLD AGE CONVENIENTLY, IF NOT COMFORTABLY AND LUXURIOUSLY. ----------------------------------------- written by vasdevloond,founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, to contact vasdevlond 9811943867 vasdevloond@gmail.com www.marriageguidance.in www.facebook.com   OLD AGE; Is it not a fact that it passes off with most of the persons in old age, in stress, strain, regrets, conflicts, loss of freedom, ill-health, grumbling, cursing one's fate and what not, hardly a few live old age in happiness in family and around. Why it is so, what are the reasons? 1. ill-health causes irritation and grumbling 2. family conflicts become taxing 3. relationship with children and their behaviour 4. deception in hopes and dreams 5. pre-mature death of one of the partners in couple and to live alone thereafter 6. being left alone uncared for 7, no specific activity and/or compelled to do jobs unliked and/or hated ones 8. none or least of the friends left to chat and relax etc. etc. THE QUESTION ARISES WHETHER IT IS NATURAL OR THERE IS SOME ANSWER. Of course, there are answers: 1. most important is to change oneself in thinking and behaviour 2. accept life as it has come about 3. old age phenomenon happens with everyone when one becomes weak in health, submission and acceptance become most important and are essentially to be accepted and to pass these off as natural part of life. 4. to believe and get convinced that old age has its shortcomings and has also advantages, it is left to one how he/she moulds oneself to fit in the situations in whatever manner these happen, the earliest one transforms, changes one's habits and attitudes, the happier one will tend to live and enjoy old age. tks   OLD AGE IS A BLISS, it is said so, while with many, it is not so. They either remain alone after the other partner's death, or live in repentance, away from children or abandoned, none to take care, health gives away to many diseases to overpower and crumble under weakness, disabilities etc.,feeling depressed by recalling glories and successes of youth with authority and power, nothing is left except to count on oneself in fear of being killed,losing health, falling ill and none except one himself/herself to take care, are the general dramatic pains of old age UNLESS ONE HAS PLANNED FOR OLD AGE, LEARNT HOW TO DEAL WITH CHILDREN WITH WHATEVER ATTITUDES, HABITS, VIEWS AND IN THE MANNER THEY LIVE, LEARNT AND PUT INTO ACTION HOW TO DEAL AND LIVE WITH THE LIFE PARTNER, AND MOST IMPORTANT HAVE NOT PLANNED AND TAKEN INTO ACTION HOW TO OCCUPY AND REMAIN BUSY IN OLD AGE, experience and spend the hardest time in old age until death.HENCE TO GAIN FROM EXPERIENCE, PUT IT INTO ACTION, CHANGE AND TRANSFORM ONESELF AS PER THE ENVIRONMENTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES, AND TO REMAIN BUSY ARE IN GENERAL THE BEST ANSWERS TO LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPIER IN OLD AGE.