20 November 2021 12:35

OLD AGE IS THE RECALL AND REMINDER TO ALL THOSE GETTING OLD (1) to put an end to embitions (2) resolve all issues before these get too late (3) ensure that all the children remain emotionally attached, love each other and extend a helping hand if ever need arises by any of them (4) leave an autobiography of one's experience, narrating explicitly and plainly one's achievements, mistakes and failures of life without defending oneself why, how, got influenced by someone,by need of the hour, circumstances, selfishness, fraught by ego and power etc., and should instead highlight one's analysis and put forward if possible one's views as precautions and answers so that one's children do not repeat those mistakes. QUESTION ARISES IS IT EASIER TO ACCOMPLISH ALL THESE OBJECTIVES AND TO ADMIT ONE'S MISTAKES. ANSWER: I feel it is essential to (1) divest oneself of almost all one's responsibilities,(2) must leave a clear message that to realise one's mistakes and to say the truth are essential to correct oneself in life and the earlier it is accepted, the better and result oriented it will be,(3) must accept that he/she has lived his/her life as he/she had wanted and now it is the turn of his/her children to live in the manner and in their views as they want, treat them as adults and let them make their own decisions. IN DIVESTING ONE'S RESPONSIBILITIES AND POWERS, it is,in general essential to build up courage and decide upon, despite provocations, accusations, favouritism etc and ensure that there is no scope left with them to fight and resort to judicial answers, be the broker and be determined to decide about (1) assets clear-cut distribution (2) exhort and act upon creating harmony amongst one's children (3) explain and emphasise that their UNITY AND CARE FOR EACH OTHER WILL BRING THE STRENGTH AND PRIDE OF THE FAMILY, IGNORING THE FAULTS AND WEAKNESSES OF EACH OTHER. How to do it will follow in my next write-up. tks