31 January 2020 12:46

OLD IS GOLD is gone bye, nothing to learn except to listen sermons about past glories, experiences, perception, religious beliefs, manners and mode or respect etc., IS THE GENERAL THINKING OF PRESENT GENERATION ABOUT THE OLD PERSONS, PARENTS ARE NO EXCEPTION. To a great extent it is true also as old persons we do not remain in touch with the present, especially now when technological developments are immense, innumerable and are on increase every day as to provide comfort, make life easier, more enlightened, and be uptodate with all happenings in the world. In fact we feel surprised when we see small children how much they are fascinated with mobile phones, laptops and how swiftly they operate these, enjoy these in games, videos, pictures and get us the information we need and as such we feel that we know nothing except to boast on our experience and achievements. SHOULD I SAY THAT WE OLD PEOPLE ARE A ROTTEN LOT, NOT MUCH TO COMMUNICATE TO THE YOUNG GENERATION, ESPECIALLY TO THE CHILDREN. WE LIVE IN ASPIRATIONS AND THEY LIVE IN THEIR OWN PROBLEMS. ENGROSSED IN THESE DAY-TO-DAY TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENTS, WORK STRESS, LIFE RELATIONSHIPS WHETHER MARRY, IF SO, WHAT FOR, WHOM TO TRUST AND HOW. THE WORLD WHICH LIVES MORE IN RIFTS, CONFLICTS, TRUST NONE, WORK MORE AND MORE FOR MONEY AND PROGRESS, MONEY IS RULING OVER EVERYTHING, LOVE, SO-CALLED RESPECT FOR ELDERS ETC. IS LOSING GROUND DAY BY DAY ...... In realisation, if the old people want to live comfortably and in peace, they need to transform themselves to the present requirements and content with all types of behaviours,manners, thinking, beliefs, etc. of their children, and youngsters in general. NON-INTERFERENCE, ACCEPTANCE AND TO ADVISE IF SOLICITED. BELIEVE IN NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS, WISH AND PRAY ALWAYS FOR THE HEALTH, PROGRESS AND HAPPINESS OF THEIR CHILDREN HOW THEY ARE, WHERE THEY ARE AND HOW DO THEY BEHAVE. tks,