20 February 2021 02:55

OPPOSITE GENDER RELATIONSHIP. The question arises whether it is good and more enjoyable to remain in relationship of BOY+GIRL OR TO GO BY LIVE-IN ARRANGEMENT. The trend is moving towards these 2 arrangements in the boy+girl relationship, both enjoy the freedom, do not own responsibilties, feel that stress of work at workplace, importance to career building than getting married, dowry and divorce inconvenience and problems, as also when in the Live-In arrangement, all state aids and facilities are the same as those of the married couple, live-in arrangement is being preferred. However as nothing is perfect, in this arrangement, living is loose and no one is answerable to the other where one has been, what one has been doing, what happens to his/her income, saving etc. etc. as also it remains easier to close relationship as and when they wish for and feel that hereafter it is incompatible for them to live together any longer. On the contrary. MARRIED LIFE is coupled with responsibilities, sharing and caring for each other, to talk over strains and problems and as such avoid depression, urge to have one's own family and own house remain prime-most important despite responsibilities. Unfortunately, if relationship does not go well, to get into DIVORCE etc. becomes a complicated affair as also a prolonged one. Hence urge to marry is getting postponed, doubts in making a choice remain prominent, every day news about frauds and divorces etc. influence the generation towards not marrying or marrying when they feel they have got a perfect match, which generally as the age grows, becomes very difficult if not impossible. CONCLUSION: In order to have stability, exchange of views and talk-over to relieve oneself of strains and problems, to share responsibilities, taking care in case of illness, to fulfill the urge of mine and thine, to see the children grow and get settled as best as the parents had wished for and have been making efforts etc., freedom to enjoy biological needs override the inconveniences and persuade many to get into MARRIAGE. Marriage Guidance New Concept as such helps to explain the advantages of marriage, shed off fears about relationship, frauds etc. and as such has devised systems through elaborate biodatas families+boy+girl meetings, house visits et. etc. which help a lot to avoid doubts and facilitates to get into marriage relationship as best satisfied as possible. tks