06 October 2019 12:27

ORGANISATION IS IMPORTANT OR AN INDIVIDUAL. Both are important but when it comes to make a choice, I will say individual is important as it is individuals that organisation is made of. Organisation is important to keep up discipline as whatever has been achieved, will get washed away. THEN WHAT IS THE ANSWER: I think if individuals are not tackled timely and rightly, they take to revolt and damage the organisation the most. REVOLT COSTS A LOT TO THE ORGANISATION ESPECIALLY THE OPPOSITION AND PUBLIC IN GENERAL LISTEN MORE TO THE REVOLTING PERSONS VIEWS AND CRITICISM THAN THOSE IN THE ORGANISATION. Hence it is essential to check up that revolt does not happen and if it is happening, tackle it when it is in simmering stage, possibly by listening to reasons, the organisation may look into the reasons and grievances and as such do their best to avoid the revolt. I THINK TIMELY LISTENING, PERSUASION AND FINDING SOLUTION WILL HELP A LOT TO AVOID REVOLT. 2ND REVOLT MUST NOT BE THOUGHT OF ALWAYS OF PERSONAL INTERESTS, THESE COULD BE GENERAL ONES. Hence no pre-determined views about the individual who has put in so much time and energy for the organisation should never just simply be allowed to break relations,but all sincere efforts are made to avoid the break and revolt. ONCE THE INITIATIVE OF RECONCILIATION IS PICKED UP, I am sure both sides will do their best to avoid break and finally a via media and reconciliatory solution will be found out. 2ndly it applies to FAMILY AS WELL. tks.