05 June 2021 12:29

organisations and establishments are cohesive efforts of the OWNERS WHO MUST BELIEVE IN AND WORK FOR THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF EVERYONE IN THE ORGANISATION. As in the family, parents take care of their children for the progress and development of their children, likewise OWNERS MUST ASSUME THIS ROLE OF PARENTS FOR THE ORGANISATION AND OF THE PERSONS WORKING IN IT. HOW: 1st is vision and philosophy 2nd is selection and brooming 3rd is equality-impartiality in dealings and transparency in action and behaviour 4t is (a)to open up various avenues like training, (b)encourage open examns,(c) merit oriented promotions and placements,(d) to boost and encourage desire in the workmen, executives etc.(e)to create urge and fire in each one to grow (f) to give special attention to those who lag behind to make them move in the stream of the organisation, promotion and growth (g) to assume role of ADVISER which means remain free to meet clients/customers, to see and compare their product(s) with competitors, think of needs and use development, innovation of their products, in short to remain alert and conscious of the market trends,competition, price factors etc. etc (h) to learn to delegate maximum possible and to ensure delegation down the line (i) to be watch dog of the organisation through reports, surprise checks etc. etc. (j) work hard and devise means and systems to halt exodus of staff and seniors which could be possible by ensuring growth in the organisation and meeting urge generally of the seniors to move out for additional experience, growth and most important to set up their own business etc. etc. LESSON: . owners assume the organisation as a family and the workforce as their children 2. take care for the growth of each and everyone 3. delegate, trust and hand over responsibilities to the workforce and learn to get free, be at leisure and be observant and guide than being executors 4. assume role of product, organisation developer, conscious of competition and market trends and customers requirements etc. . In the next write-up I shall be comparing organisation with the family. tks