01 December 2020 11:22

WHAT DOES PERSONALITY MEAN; Those who are strong built, have fair colour, do impress at a first glance the persons they meet, discuss and control while on the contrary those who are thin are generally not able to influence and/or control except when they meet quite often, discuss their ideas in the manner liked by those who come in contact, listen to them and/or read their writing. It gets also possible when such persons are in put in some controlling position and as such they control the persons working under them by their power and status. Expertise and better knowledge of profession also helps them to control others. FURTHER unless people know before about the 2 personalities, the one with predominant personality will impress those who they come across in association and/or in public, in gatherings, meetings etc. ALSO when the 2 happen to be side by side to talk or address, the person with dominant personality will get better gathering to listen than the thinner one. FOR THINNER IT TAKES TIME TO BE RECOGNISED AS OFTEN PUTTING OUT NEW IDEAS OF INTEREST TO THE PERSONS THEY ADDRESS AND OR EXPRESS AND CIRCULATE THEIR IDEAS. THUS FOR THE THINNER ONE IT IS REPEAT WHILE FOR THE STRONGER AND WITH DOMINANT PERSONALITY, ALL THOSE WHO COME IN CONTACT WITH HIM/HER FEEL INCLINED TO BE IMPRESSED AT THE VERY FIRST GLANCE AND AS SUCH HAS AN EASY ACCESS.