03 February 2022 06:50

PINCH OF LIFE: How much astonishing it is that when we inflict sufferings to others we feel satisfied if not happy, that we have punished him/her due to his/her guilt. We not realise how much suffering and pain the other party is going through. It is in fact a daily routine when somone is beating someone, we on the road stand by to see how the fight is going on just as spectators, maybe if not enjoying the fight, same is also true when we see such acts in the films etc. and so on. IN FACT THE REAL PINCH COMES WHEN WE SUFFER OURSELVES AND/OR SAME PUNISHMENT IS INFLICTED TO US. LIKEWISE WE TAKE IT AS ROUTINE WHEN WE READ IN THE NEWSPAPERS SUCH AND SUCH PERSON HAS DIES, perhaps we feel a bit concerned or shocked when somone is known to us. THE REAL PINCH/ SUFFERING IS REALISED BY THE PERSON WHEN ONE HE/SHE LOSES HIS/HER HER OWN /BORN TO HIM/HER We feel the pinch maybe less when we lose someone whom we meet daily, and/or feed,pat, play, gossip with someone. THUS THE MORE WE ARE ASSOCIATED WITH SOMEONE, THE MORE PINCH WE FEEL ABOUT AND ALSO WE REALISE THE EXTENT OF PINCH WHEN THE SAME PUNISHMENT IS INFLICTED ON US. POSSIBLY WE REALISE HOW HARSH AND/OR UNJUSTIFIED OUR ACTION WAS AND AS SUCH TAKE TO CORRECTIVE MEASURES HEREAFTER, THAT ALSO IF WE GET CONSCIOUS. Reason for this narration to cite to you all friends,is that we had small child of a cat, daily she will come, wait for us to pat her, give her milk and food. Unfortunately at night a wild cat fought with this small child cat, killed it, not only that I got shocked to see this small child cat lying killed, every day I miss her and feel pit for her. It now gives me a feeling how a mother might be feeling the pinch and suffering when she loses her child. LESSON; never inflict suffering to anyone whatever may be one's fault, better explain, make understand, persuade, never be in revenge, rather be IN LOVE TO ALL WHETHER THEY BELONG TO YOU OR NOT.