02 August 2019 02:56

PRESENT IS LIFE,FUTURE IS HOPE, STRUGGLE AND PROGRESS. We need to learn to live with the present, make the best use of it, live contented and happily, must also know that despair and dissatisfaction multiply day by day and end up in making life unlivable. We are also to learn to realise that tomorrow will also become present, hence present is the only time which enables us to live as we want, happily or miserably. THUS FUTURE IS PROGRESS WHILE PRESENT IS CONTENTMENT, ENJOYMENT AND HAPPINESS. However it depends on us how we see and face the present as a natural phenomenon, which means passing and going, or to regret or to make it the happier one. PERCEPTION AND HOPE ARE STIMULATOR OF THE PRESENT, BELIEF IN THE PRESENT AND ACTION THEREBY ARE THE CRUX OF LIFE, TO ENABLE US TO LIVE HAPPILY AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF THE PRESENT..... Lesson: let us be conscious of the fact that it is the present which offers us the opportunities and environments to live and enjoy, it also teaches to know WHAT IS GONE IS GONE NEVER ALLOW ITHE PRESENT TO WASTE, IT WILL NEVER COME AGAIN. HENCE THE PRESENT IS ALL AND EVERYTHING, LET US REMEMBER THIS FACT ALWAYS. tks