07 August 2019 03:18

PROGRESS AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN: 13th lesson EXCEPTIONAL HAPPENINGS AND OPPORTUNITIES Exceptional circumstances and opportunities happen with almost everyone. It depends on individual when and how he/she recognises these. Many even though know that opportunities are at but fail still to seize and take advantage because of fear, responsibilities,their inabilities to harness and reap advantage out of these, while some rush with opportunities, but somehow the circumstances and organisation systems and environments fail them. It is easier to seize opportunities when one is young as with the experience gained, still one can jump to other searched for and/or created opportunities while when one grows up and gets older, due to family obligations and incapacity to leave the present job fail to take risk and as such even the opportunities are promising, one fails to take a jump asby that time one has lost the spirit and courage to take risk. In general,those who have taken risk as opportunities warranted, have progressed rapidly while those who remained secure in their position despite opportunities at hand, generally have progressed slowly. HENCE RISK AND OPPORTUNITIES GO TOGETHER, TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES IS ESSENTIAL WHILE RISK CAN BE WELL CALCULATED, ANALYSED AND THOROUGHLY DELIBERATED. In life nothing is certain,but to CREATE OPPORTUNITIES AND TAKE RISK ARE ESSENTIAL FOR PROGRESS. comments..