PROGRESS, HOW TO ACHIEVE IT 23-2-21 7th lesson 6-6-21

05 June 2021 11:02

PROGRESS, HOW TO ACHIEVE IT,, small tips:To make progress, always believe in the fact that I AM THE BEST, to be the best does not mean to become complacent, take away ch the zeal as such struggle and compete. Hence I am of the view that to think and term oneself as the BEST means that I APPRECIATE MYSELF AS I AM, WITH NO COMPARISON WITH OTHERS. .. one must observe and analyse what are one's inherent and extra qualities that one has to count upon, build on those strengths and move on. The more one shall build confidence in those capacities, develop confidence in them, hit back with full energy against one's competitors, will help one to analyse one's weaknesses, what extra efforts are required, as such, there is NO DOUBT one day sooner or later one will meet a success. CAUTION: never give in, keep faith in yourself and your capacities, be consistent in efforts, analyse reasons for failure and rebound with required energy, confidence, tacts and resistance. SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES AS THE BEST AND CAPABLE ONES TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS AS ALSO WHO BELIEVE IN IT, FEARLESS OF COST, CRITICISM, SACRIFICE AND EVEN RISK OF LIFE. SLOGAN; HENCE YOU MUST LEARN AND BE CONSCIOUS TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, I ASSURE YOU, YOU WILL CERTAINLY MEET THE SUCCESS YOU AIM AT, WITH LEAST SCOPE TO FALTER OR NOT HAVE SUCCESS..   6-6-21  7th lesson   PROGRESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN : 7the lesson: FIRST SUCCESS TASTED MULTIPLIES: When someone in his/her first attempt succeeds, one feels encouraged and motivated to feel that one has great potential to succeed in each and every effort for anything he/she aims at. He/she looks to and get into reading as to how those personalities succeeded in their efforts to reach unimaginable and unrealiseable heights. As such he/she looks into his/her potential, inborn strengths, resources etc. etc. and moves on like a storm. Even if some failure here and there happens, it does not stop him/her and as such his/her goal and zeal continue until he/she has succeeded in the desired goal. Such persons continue making efforts and never halt till the end of their life, inspired and motivated by the successive successes he/she had achieved in life. ON THE CONTRTARY, FAILURE IN THE FIRST INSTANCE, in general dissipates and discourages a person unless he/she analyses the causes and makes up his/her mind to fight for until success is achieved. Alas such persons are few and many fail. It is generally said, each failure becomes the cause of success. TRUE, BUT WHEN ONE HAS THE POTENTIAL AND WILL, WHY SHOULD'NT ONE AIM TO SUCCEED IN THE 1ST INSTANCE