24 November 2021 02:43

THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, I THINK, IS FIRST AND FOREMOST IMPORTANT... BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF. METHOD; see and observe in yourself what are your inherent qualities, judge them well, take some time to experience these, discern and sort out which ones are most prominent, try and experience these for some time more, then single out one or two which you think are your asset (which we may call an aptitude), build up your conviction and believe that these assets are rare and that you are an exception, work hard in the field you choose based on these assets, with firm belief and conviction, I am sure you will not only be able to achieve what you want but will surely surpass in your own goals and competition which could see an end only when you will realise not to struggle any longer through your satisfaction, saturation and/or health will not permit any longer. JUST TRY THIS METHOD AND SEE THE RESULTS, I shall await for your experience and comments. tks