07 June 2021 12:00

PICS OF ALL TYPES AS PER ONE S LIKING, TASTE, COMPANY AND OCCASIONS, NATURE ETC. ARE GREAT SOURCE OF RELAXATION AND ENJOYMENT,ESSENTIAL TO KEEP AN ALBUM/GALLERY OF THESE.. ................................................................................... HARD WORK IS ONE THING, BUT AS HUMAN BEINGS WE DO WANT TO RELAX, ENJOY WITH PAST MEMORIES, IN THAT CASE ALBUM USED TO BE REPOSITORY OF ALL PICTURES AND NOW ONE CAN SEE THESE IN WHATSAPP GALLARY. The fact however remains that we do take pics of sceneries we like the most and keep those preciously to look back at our free time and enjoy. Now it also becomes important as to which those occasions are important. THIS SHALL DEPEND ON THE TASTE OF EACH INDIVIDUAL, TO WHAT HE/SHE GIVES IMPORTANCE SOME PROFESSIONALS, SOME SCENES OF EXCURSIONS, OF NATURE AND/OR COMPANY, HISTORICAL BUILDINGS, CITIES, PLANTS, FLOWERS, BIRDS ETC. Amusement has no limit, but choice to pick up and take shots depend on each one s taste, choice and mood. Now it gets important in general what type of pics we would like to store. 1. childhood 2. special events of achievements and success 3. friends and colleagues photos of schools, colleges, place of work etc. 4. one or two birthday parties 5 marriage related pics 6. family photos 7. mountains, nature scenes of plants and trees 8. gardens and flowers 8. cities, buildings, museums, travels, temples, mosques, churches etc. 9. grand children s photos. I THINK ALL THESE ARE JOY GIVERS TEMPORARILY, BUT THE PHOTOS OF GRAND CHILDREN ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE IN THEIR INNOCENCE ARE MOST ENJOYABLE AND LONG LASTING, ESPECIALLY FOR THE GRAND PARENTS. One will say that marriage photo is no less important, I will say, in comparison, GRAND CHILDREN S PICS TAKEN DURING THEIR INNOCENT AGE ARE MORE ENJOYING FOR GRAND PARENTS, THOUGH FOR PARENTS TO SOME EXTENT, WHILE MARRIAGE PHOTOS ARE THE REMEMBRANCE AND OCCASIONAL JOY THAT TOO WHEN ONE IS IN HAPPY MOOD OF RELAXATION AND IS IN WIFE'S COMPANY. written by founder marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO 9811943867