26 June 2019 07:58

RELIGION WAS CREATED TO UNIFY THE PEOPLE TO LIVE TOGETHER IN PEACE, LOVE AND CELEBRATIONS ALIKE. Alas religion has got into many forms and names and as such CONFLICTS EMERGED AMONGST THEM TO GROW THEIR RESPECTIVE NUMBERS WITH THEIR RESPECTIVE BELIEFS, IN MANY CASES DEPRECATING AND DEMOLISHING OTHER RELIGIONS. History is full of conflicts and wars fought on the basis of religion. Despite all this Christianity and Muslim religions remain predominant in the world, though in different forms, different practices amongst each, divided into different sects as in muslims shia and sunnis etc. etc. Though religion has now taken ugly shape, even elections are fought in provoking and propagating religion. However despite frictions in the religions and against each other, IT HAS NOT LOST ITS SIGNIFICANCE TO UNITE POPULATIONS, SET SPECIFIC NORMS AS TO HOW TO LIVE, MEET IN RELIGIOUS PLACE TO PRACTICE HOLY PRESCRIPTIONS, MEET EACH OTHER, LOVE EACH OTHER, GET INTO/ASSIST IN MARRIAGES AND HOLY FUNCTIONS ETC. ETC. My belief and answer lies in the fact that (1) religion is essential for living and loving (2) as each and everything gets to change with the passage of time, religions have and will also continue evolving to meet the needs of the time in each generation and each country (3) each religion teaches LOVE HUMAN BEINGS, constant efforts are needed to keep this motto of LOVE AS PRIMARY ONE IRRESPECTIVE OF IN WHICH RELIGION ONE IS AND WHAT BELIEFS HE/SHE CARRIES (4) TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE OF DIVERSITY MUST BE RECOGNISED AS PRIMEMOST TO LIVE IN PEACE (4) NEVER BRING IN RELIGION INTO POLITICS, MAYBE THROUGH CONSTITUTION OR BY LEGISLATION ETC. ETC. SO THAT REPRESENTATIVES WHO ARE ELECTED THINK OF COUNTRY AS A WHOLE RATHER THAN OF SPECIFIC RELIGIONS, SECTS ETC.tks