25 December 2020 01:22

IS IT ESSENTIAL TO BE HAPPIER TO GET SOME SHOCKS. I will say perhaps YES as when one lives in the same situations, it becomes routine perhaps monotenous. Hence in order to get rejuvinated, motivated and to realise what and how enjoyable that moment of happiness was and when something is lost, and recovered afterwards, it gives an immense happiness. HENCE IT IS PERHAPS ESSENTIAL TO HAVE SOME SHOCKS TO GET HAPPIER. Howsoever one may avoid, internal and external happenings and shocks certainly affect one momentarily, for a shorter or longer time, it depends on one's attitude, the extent of shock and how strong one is to offset the effect of the shock. IT IS ALSO TRUE THAT ONE CAN MAINTAIN HAPPINESS AND MAKE IT HAPPIER IF ONE SO DESIRES, makes more efforts to get happier in the same manner as one works hard to beat one's own record. SO ONE CAN MAKE ONESELF HAPPIER IF ONE WISHES SO AND DOES NECESSARY EFFORTS. Nonetheless it need not be forgotten external and internal shocks do happen which help one to realise how one was enjoying happiness, which if lost at present, he/she will make all efforts to quickly get over those to not only regain happiness but also get happier. tks