05 January 2021 12:31

RISK taking is essential part of life, whether one wishes or not, knowingly or unknowingly one is compelled to take decision at each moment and every sphere of life whether it concerns family, business, place of work etc . Those who want to live normal life take little risk while the ambitious one's take greater risk and those who who want to be known, remembered now and after death, want to be prominent, to be defeated by none take the greatest risk and are never afraid of death, prominence remains their sole aim to achieve at all costs, they are never afraid of death and believe that death is to happen one day then why not to die with name and fame, in general the higher position one holds, the higher risk one takes by one's decisions, such an attitude generally leads one to be dictator, warrior, listen none and to go by one's sole decision with aim to be prominent , be remembered always whatever the consequences, HENCE risk is most essential , death has no significance, achievement of goal and be known by decision and action irrespective of risks and costs involved. RISK therefore never daunts them. tks   RISK TAKING; THOSE WHO DO NOT TAKE RISK, CONTINUE MOVING IN LIFE IN NORMAL COURSE WHILE THOSE WHO TAKE RISK AND KEEP THEIR CONVICTION UP, DESPITE SOME SET-BACKS HERE AND THERE, THEY JUMP TO SUCCESS. HENCE NO RISK TAKERS JUST MOVE ON WHILE RISK TAKERS JUMP TO MOVE FASTER. tks