14 November 2020 12:08

SATISFACION. it is an unending process, human beings remain more unsatisfied than satisfied, why so, it is due to the lust for taste, emotions, more and better wants, greed and what not. When one gets or achieves something which one has been wanting or desiring, after having got it, one's satisfaction starts getting dissipated slowly and slowly, finally it comes to an end and one craves for the next to get satisfaction. However this dissatisfaction or the continuing process of never getting satisfied, has given us the progress that we are enjoying now and are making efforts all over to create new ones, change and modify these to meet our tastes and requirements, which also continue changing all the time. Further dissatisfaction or not being satisfied has helped almost everyone to struggle for livelihood, progress, prestige, prominence, status and to be remembered now and afterward as well. True, but despite all these, life needs satisfaction and it is only after satisfaction that one can hope to live a happy life. To get to satisfaction, comes about renunciation and also controlling our emotions, needs and desires. It can happen when one gets more than when one had desired, one realises that life is nothing without happiness, realises that finally after all one's efforts what one has achieved perhaps conflicts and fights, thus finally it is AFTER REALISATION AND CHANGE OF ATTITUDUE THAT ONE CAN ASPIRE AND GET SATISFACTION. To control one's emotions and desires while living in this world full of luxuries of all sorts, one gets tempted and despite thinking, gets indulged in these. HENCE TO GET SATISFACTION IT IS ESSENTIAL TO PROGRESS GRADUALLY BY 1. thinking, 2. putting in effort to renunciate one by one 3. measure the progress of efforts every day 4. once success for one desire, is achieved, then to take up the next 5. to analyse which desire to abandon first, one makes up one's mind which is the easiest one and one is not habituated with and/or uses or takes it rarely and if it doesn't happen, it does not bother him/her, so to abandon such a desire in general will be the easier one, then getting to those which are in routine but are not habitual and at last, to make efforts of those desires which become the habit and to get rid of that habit, THESE CAN BE ABANDONED IN ONE SHOT AND BY WILL, WHILE SOME TRY IT BY GRADUALLY SLOWING THE HABIT, SOME AVOID IT BY SUBSTITUTES AND CONTINUE CHANGING THE SUBSTITUTES. These are some of the processes envisaged and are being proposed for those who want to get satisfaction. ONE DOES NEED TO REALISE AND APPRECIATE AS TO WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE WHETHER TO LIVE UNSATISFIED OR SATISFIED AND ALSO TO UNDERSTAND THAT ONE CAN BE HAPPY ONLY AFTER ONE IS SATISFIED AND THAT HAPPINESS IN LIFE TO ACHIEVE AND LIVE WITH IT IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT IF EVER ONE CAN ACHIEVE IT. ....................................................... narrated by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO certified for its name and logo for property rights contact: vasdevloond 9811943867